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About our studio

Come Create With Us!

For over 20 years, adults and children have been learning how to  create works of art with pastels, pencils, acrylic paint, watercolors, oils and more at Gallery on the Greens. The friendly, relaxed and  encouraging atmosphere empowers artists at every skill level to reach  within themselves, find expression, and try something new. 

Previous experience is not necessary. Our instructors will show you everything you need to know.

The studio abounds with inspiring pictures and publications  to help you find just the idea you are looking for. Works of art are all around, and pleasant music combines with them to inspire.


what we offer

art class, acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor, pastels, mixed media, art gallery, studio, create

Choose Your Medium

Acrylic paint, watercolors, pastels, pencils, oil paint, and more.

Create your own masterpiece!

You choose the subject matter, and you choose how you want to create.

Your instructor will guide you as you design, showing you new techniques  and assisting you in your efforts,  in a fun, positive, encouraging  atmosphere. Chances are you will make new friends too!

Can't Decide?

Can't decide what you want to paint or draw?

Choose from hundreds of photos in the studio files to help you get inspired.

Your Own Space

Each student has their own studio space with a table and easel.

Your instructor can recommend supplies, but each student brings their own  supplies.

classes available

Classes and Pricing

Adult Class Pricing: $56.00 per month

Youth Class Pricing: $48.00 per month

For youth ages 7 - 17. 

Homeschool Classes Now Available: $56.00 per month.

Homeschool students ages 10 - 18. Class is 2.5 hours, 1 class per week.

Please contact us for dates, times, and availability.


Art gallery, art studio, fun, friendly, create, imagine, express

Artist, gallery, studio, acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor, teacher Mercedes Ebbers

Art studio, art classes, adult classes, children's classes, explore, create, design

Mercedes Ebbers

Gallery on the Greens Artist/Instructor

What mark am I from ever present wonder to distant pasts and future ponder?

I have a great love of history, a need to know what occurred in the area that I am painting. The memories in the remnants  that history left behind move me to create. Remnants such as: The magic of the "witness trees" in Missouri that reach their strong branches to the heavens in somber worship. The empty train station in Virginia with  its quiet whispers form the past, of life, hope, and new horizons. Or men sent to battles to form a nation, that now sleep in fields which hold their secrets. The beauty still seen in the weathered boards of an Indiana farm home where you can sense the presence within its walls of  the many stories of each family that lived there and worked the land. Morning light on the Pennsylvania hillsides, or the evening shadows in a  quiet Michigan woods. The sounds of the lake echoing in the background, reminding one once again of the native Americans that once fished and  hunted these lands.

I am thankful to be given the ability to capture these  feelings on canvas, to preserve for the future the textures and colors  of the past.

I enjoy working in acrylics, combining oil and watercolor techniques with a glazing process over a textured surface.

Many of my paintings are a combination of memory, painting  on site, and with the help of photography, in my studio. All work is  done with a strong spiritual connection to the area where I am working.

Color,  texture and movement in nature has always excited  me. Because I am a  teacher as well as an artist, I am always exploring  new ways to inspire  my students and myself.

Works for sale are currently exhibited in the Daybreak Gallery in Manistee, MI.

All images are ©2015-2019 Mercedes Ebbers, and Gallery on the Greens. All rights reserved.

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